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Brown Sugar Nail Spa wanted to take the time to let our current and new Sugar Babes know how we’ll be handling your services in today’s pandemic reality. We take COVID-19 very seriously and we are changing our operating process to include guidance from the CDC and other governmental agencies. Prior to opening our doors, we had the salon thoroughly deep cleaned and reorganized for a fresh reopening!


Please read the following information to understand how we plan to keep clients and employees safe:


COVID-TAX- The cost to keep everyone safe! There will be an increase in our pricing which reflects the additional costs required for extraneous sanitation and prevention methods for COVID-19. The salon will provide masks for all clients and gloves (if requested) as well as temperature checks for our employees each day prior to their shift. Brown Sugar Nail Spa will also prepare implements for all clients scheduled for each day to ensure freshly sterilized tools are being utilized for each client. A labeled sterilizing pouch (including the client’s name and services) will be assigned to each technician for their daily lineup of clients. The pouch will include tools that have been disinfected and sterilized the previous day and sealed until your appointment time.


NO WALK-INS – Per compliance with the city of Philadelphia’s Green Phase Guidance, individuals without an appointment will NOT be seen. The salon wishes to account for all individuals at the salon at all times and collect the necessary information from clients in order to be serviced.


NO ADDITIONAL GUESTS - Only clients being serviced can enter the salon. Any additional guests will be asked to leave, so please do not bring any children, spouses or friends along with you for your appointment. This is to stay within the CDC’s guidance for the maximum capacity of individuals within the salon and minimize exposure of COVID-19.


APPOINTMENT TIMES/TIME TO SANITIZE - Appointment times will be lengthened to include time for sanitation between clients. Once the area has been sanitized, a cardholder will be placed on the station to evidence that it has been disinfected.


COVID-19 DISCLOSURE FORM - All clients of the salon MUST complete the COVID-19 disclosure form prior to receiving a service. The electronic form will be delivered to the clients’ emails  before their appointment time and saved to their customer profile.



CUSTOMER/STAFF PROTECTION - All clients and staff must wash their hands prior to being serviced regardless of their appointment type. Clients and staff must also wear a mask (provided by the salon) at AT ALL times, no exceptions.


A NEW LOOK - Per compliance with the city of Philadelphia’s Green Phase Guidance, the salon has eliminated some working stations and our waiting area to promote social distancing.  This means that we have to minimize the number of appointments that we can service on a daily basis which will impact our availability (but don’t worry we’ve also increased the number of operating days). We will now only utilize 3 manicure stations and 3 pedicure stations to ensure guests and employees are 6 ft apart during services. Manicure stations will also include a protective shield to further limit contact of shared air, coughing, and/or sneezing.

We're in this together...

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